• Ministering at Covenant Church (Chesapeake, VA)

    If you are in the area, come join us and receive a word from the Lord, on the 6th of December 2015 at 10:30am.
    Covenant Church
    107 Kegman Rd W.
    Chesapeake, VA 23322

  • Heaven Bound - A Glimpse of Heaven

    Saints, I believe we would all like a “GLIMPSE INTO HEAVEN” and I believe as you listen to this inspired Word concerning Heaven, you will find out that your next home is Indescribable. What people chase after down here on earth we will Walk on in Heaven. As a child of the Most High you are Heaven Bound!

  • Eating from the Master's Table

    Saints, the Lord tells us in Psalm 23 that He has prepared a table for us in the presence of our enemies. He says He is our Shepherd and He is here to guide you and steer you off of worn paths and lead you into a Safe Place. He is the One that will keep you Safe. Start today enjoying good health and prosperity.

  • The Untapped Power of Asking

    In this message you will realize that you don’t have to be like the pagans and Babble on and on when you are asking God for something. You will also learn that Jesus never taught about Unanswered Prayer! On the contrary John 11:42 says, "He always hears you..." and Isaiah 65:24 says, ”...it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear."

  • Angels All Around (Part 1)

    Saints, according to Psalm 103:20, God’s angels are mighty in strength and they do His Word Heeding the voice of His Word... In other words, “The Power of Your Voice When you Speak God’s Word Opens Up the Supernatural. God’s angels are descending and ascending to your words. As you listen to this message you will realize that God has sent His angels to minister to you and they are also here to Protect you.

WORD for the Week from Pastor Jo

  • Saints, “Possession follows confession”. Or you could say “Faith’s Confessions Create Realities”. Numbers 14:28 (AMP): “Tell them… As I live, says the Lord, what you have said in My hearing I will do to you”. Think about what the Lord just said. He said He will do what He hears you say. What have you been saying? The Israelites had been complaining before God and He heard them. They rejected the land and refused to trust God. Receive what God has for you Saints and you can do this by Agreeing with what His Word says about your situation. When He says you are Healed, RECEIVE IT! When He says He has given it to you Good Measure pressed down and running over, RECEIVE IT! When He says everything you touch will prosper, SAY, “Lord I thank You that You said whatever I do will prosper and No Weapon formed against me would prosper. I confess these things from my heart and as a result I have what the Bible says I have. Amen.”

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