• Face to Face with Pastor Jo (September 29 & 30, 2016)

    Hi, this is Pastor Jo of Speak the Word. I would like to Invite you to join me in Norfolk, VA and Hampton, VA on the 29th and 30th.
    I trust the Lord will give me a Word that will minister to your need–whatever the need is, God knows what it is. So come on out Saints and be blessed.

  • Nothing Just Happens

    Saints, this is a message I taught at the Guiding Light Ministries in Rocky Point NC. It is a Word that I believe to be very timely and if you will take this Word and apply it to your circumstances I truly believe that things will begin to turn around in your life. You have been given the Power of Life and Death in your tongue and it is one of your MOST Powerful Resources. For when God’s Word is released, it sends shock waves through the Spirit Realm and things begin to Move.

  • Understanding Spirit, Soul & Body - Part 1

    Saints, I believe as you listen to or watch this series you will better understand how your Spirit, Soul and Body work. You will learn that the real you is the Spirit and by renewing your mind you can receive the blessings from God that He has for you. And you will learn how to keep your Flesh from ruling you.

  • God Wants You Well - Part 1

    According to 3 John 3:2, above all "God desires that you prosper in all things and be in Health, just as your soul prospers".
    Saints, I believe as you listen to this anointed message "God Wants You Well" and to "Freely Receive Your Healing" your faith level will rise to the level you need to receive your healing. Romans 10:17: "Faith comes by Hearing and Hearing from the Word of God."

  • Victory in Your Mouth

    Saints, in this series, you are going to learn that YOUR TONGUE is the KEY to your VICTORY; and you will understand how powerful your words are. Your Words Will Birth Life Or Death! God gave you a mouth to change the seasons of your life, to change your circumstances...

WORD for the Week from Pastor Jo

  • Saints, did you know that your greatest enemy is sometimes SELF? How do you win the fight when the enemy is in your mind? It’s never in your circumstances - it’s always in your mind. Proverbs 23:7: “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” What am I saying? I am saying, “A person is limited only by the thoughts that he or she chooses.” Saints, you cannot choose your circumstances, but you can choose your thoughts and surely indirectly shape your circumstances. You have to say, “WAIT A MINUTE DEVIL, IT’S OVER. I will no longer be a 'Minnie mouse' in my mind. I am Changing my mind. Today is a New Day. Today, I choose to Think and Say what God says about me.” Thank You Jesus!

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